For my Game Design class I wanted to develop a more refined virtual reality experience from my earlier projects in grad school. One of the largest issues I have with roomscale VR experiences is that while the experience of manipulating objects with controllers with 1:1 tracking is extremely compelling, you are limited to the relatively small play-space determined by your Oculus or Vive set-up. I wanted a solution that allowed locomotion for a larger game space that wasn’t a simple car or space-ship. Having recently done accessibility auditing work over the spring and summer, I decided that a wheelchair would be an interesting solution. Additionally this VR this could be used with existing 3D models we have of the campus, to perform a sort-of “VR accessibility audit”.

Maya modeling of character

I found a base model but the geometry was needlessly too detailed for good performance. Therefore I used Maya to optimize the model.

Unity Scene

Unity Scene of the game. This was an office area. I initially tested a more realistic, unstructured experience, however users found this rather confusing. I had to structure some initial tutorial levels to teach players how to use the VR wheelchair and become comfortable moving through an environment.